Utah Enacts the Social Work Compact

On March 14th, 2024, Governor Spencer Cox signed HB 44 making Utah the third state to enact the Social Work Licensure Compact. The bill was sponsored by Representative Sandra Hollins and Senator Todd Weiler.

Rep Hollins says Utah’s adoption of the Social Work Compact is “a significant step in addressing the critical shortage of mental health providers across our state and nation. As waiting lists for mental health services continue to grow, this legislation creates opportunities for more licensed clinical social workers to enter Utah and assist in other states where their expertise is needed, providing crucial support to our communities. I am proud of Utah’s commitment to the compact and look forward to other states with similar legislation to join, ensuring improved access to mental health services across the country.”

Currently, the model compact legislation is available for other states to introduce and enact like Utah. Missouri and South Dakota have also enacted the compact. The compact legislation is pending in 24 other states. Both Washington and Virginia have passed bills containing the Social Work Compact and are awaiting the governors’ signature.

The compact requires seven state enactments before the Commission can be established and begin the work of activating the compact for licensees.

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